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Carlson Chelated Manganese 20mg 250T

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Manganese- is a trace mineral, which your body needs. It’s required for the normal functioning of your brain, nervous system and many of your body’s enzyme systems. Manganese is essential for bone health. Including bone development and maintenance best when combined with calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper Manganese is a known vasodilator, which means it helps enlarge veins to efficiently carry blood to tissues like the brain. Manganese helps activate many enzymes in metabolism. Manganese is essential for thyroxine production and proper thyroid health and functioning. Manganese may help with wound healing by playing a role in collagen formation in skin cells. When combined with calcium, manganese may act as a natural remedy for decreasing PMS symptoms. Manganese is heavily concentrated in the pancreas. It’s involved in the production of insulin, which removes sugar from your blood. Thus, manganese may contribute to the proper secretion of insulin and help stabilize blood sugar. Manganese may also contribute to decreasing inflammation and pain associated with inflammatory diseases. Manganese may also help with ear health as well. Manganese may aid in ear disorders such as hearing loss and tinnitus with other minerals such as zinc and copper.

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